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Amy's Art Jam: Gundula dressed as Adam Ant by PaulEberhardt Amy's Art Jam: Gundula dressed as Adam Ant by PaulEberhardt
Too emotional, is she?

I had this lying about on my desk for a few weeks and almost forgot about it. Well, now it's 10:35 and I hope I made the right decision, i.e. to post it already. I thought it couldn't hurt.

Now what is this strange costume party about?

My good intenet friend :iconhankinstein: , aka Amy, came up with a special kind of art trade a while ago and I was hooked immediately. She'll draw one of her characters dressed up as Gundi, while I, in turn, dress up Gundi as one of her characters.

And this is why I convinced our favourite witch and tiger owner to don Adam Ant's legendary pirate-hussar-tribal-dandy-highwayman-etc outfit. Then I got somewhat carried away, as I often do, and went on to have Sophie dress up as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (not his sister). By the way, the sheet music Sophie is holding is labelled "Eine kleine Ameisenmusik" which translates as "A Little Antmusic". You see, I wasn't done listening to my Adam & the Ants collection for the umpteenth time when I was done with Gundi. It was as good an excuse as any to do so - call it sort of a nostalgic fit. ;) I needn't tell you who wrote the song Gundi is singing in a slightly modified version, do I?

If you're now asking yourself: "Wait a minute! Who the heck are Adam & the Ants?! And incidentally: doesn't that mean that the two are dressing as real persons?" I'd say you've unfortunately missed out on a few things.

Yes, Mozart was real, and so is Adam Ant (who is still quite active on stage as far as I know). In this case, though, Gundi and Sophie don't dress as them, but rather as their hilarious comic portrayals created by Amy in her inimitable style.

Adam is one of the main characters in Antcomics (… ). Not only does this delightful series of cartoons and comic shorts spoof a highly underrated band from the early 80s, that I happen to quite like myself, it is also a charming depiction of the weird, tumultous life in a rock band on its quest for fame in general. Having been a member of an (albeit much worse) band for almost a decade now, I should know.

The Compozerz (… ), a still ongoing story comic, revolves around five classical composers who get stranded in the 21st century desert of New Mexico (I think) and thus enter the life of Amy's own alter ego Connie. Hilarity ensues.

If you haven't read these two wonderful comics yet, you should definitely treat yourself to them!

New EDIT: Be sure to check out this gorgeous picture of Amy's character Conny dressing up as Gundula: New 
hankinstein Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Also, I was so floored by this that I forgot to thank you for all the kind words. Friends/fellow comikers like you are one of the main reason I keep going!! :D :hug:
PaulEberhardt Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank YOU! :hug:
hankinstein Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
LOVE it! And the song! So clever!! :)
This is so awesome, Paul! YOU ROCK!! :headbang:
:heart::heart::heart::heart: !!!
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