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Hi everyone!
I haven't been around in a while, and thanks a million to all those who are still visiting. Believe me, I'm doing my best to make these visits worthwhile again, even if I still can't seem to get anything done at more than ultra-slow snail pace in slowmotion. All I can say is I'm still struggling to sort it out and that it gets on my nerves no end that it all takes so long. But then, feeling too slow is practically the default mode of any artist worth their salt.  I've got loads and loads of ideas eager to get out, and as a matter of fact I did quite a lot these last few weeks. Now that I finally finished the Christmas season in my comic blog I'm fairly sure I'll get a considerable amount of new material online soon (or this spring at least).

I think I totally forgot to tell anyone, as I hadn't really been at leisure to write journal entries up to now, that I was interviewed about the Plattdütsch version of my comic for the Weser Kurier (Bremen's local newspaper, which has a run of about 150,000 copies daily or something). This happened as far back as last December, but I still feel kind of proud. It was a very welcome motivational push in these pretty hard times. For those whocan read German, here's the online article they did:…
It's about webcomics in general, but the author quotes me a couple of times. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to translate it - there's probably some copyright thing in the way.

Anyway, there will be new comics to come, you can count on that. I've been through worse crises than the immense university workload I'm facing at the moment.

In addition, I think I mentioned somewhere I might have one or two surprises for you, so now is the perfect time to reveal to you what I took to calling...

The VSOP Project

(Tah-dah! :) )

These Christmas holidays I dug out all the old photos from long long ago when I was quite active in analogue photography, sometimes even artistically. Since I'm allergic to dust, I had a few glasses of cognac to accompany my rummaging, and the later it got the more photos I found that I still think are actually rather good. ;)
That's why I'm going to post them under the header of VSOP, which here stands for "Very Special Old Photos". ;) They are to me at any rate.
Seeing how many presentable photos I've still got, I opted not to post them all at once, but every time I post a new drawing. This way, I'll not only up my posting rate, but also have some extra excuse to be around more and more regularly, plus it won't eat up any of my scarce drawing time.
All of it will be 100% analogue and possibly handmade, too. Back then, I tried to do everything myself, or at least as much as in any way possible. Digital cameras were just on the brink of evolving from expensive toys with doubtful practical value and little future (or science fiction, depending on who you asked) to something exiting that you might even take seriously one day. However, having been as stubborn then as I am now, I thought it was anyway a lot more fun to dabble with mechanical cameras that were widely considered antediluvian even then.

I'm already curious what you'll say about what's about to be unearthed by and by. Camera :)
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Paul-Eberhardt Schernich
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Well, uh, that's me. Hi.
Using my given names with the last name removed as a pen-name (literary nerds would call that a prenonym) wasn't my idea, but is something that just evolved - long story I won't bother to tell, because it ain't all that interesting. Just call me Paul.

I'd studied Forestry for some years, which continues to be something of an influence on my life and art, but eventually switched to becoming a teacher of English and Geography.

I'm fluent at German, Plattdütsch and English. I've also got reasonable skills in French and Latin. In this selection, Plattdütsch is special. It's the traditional minority language of my native Northern Germany, that miraculously keeps surviving due to the effort of people who hold it dear. I'm one of them, and that's why I'm the author of (to my knowledge) the only webcomic in Platt*, named Gundula un de Stuventiger:
Since most people around the world of course don't speak Platt, I do an English version as well, known as Master the Tiger, which I post here (and on the Duck).

Apart from drawing comics and cartoons I sometimes write poems and stories and play the electric guitar. In all of it I'm entirely self-taught.

All my art is completely hand-made. This is partly because I'm constantly at war with computers and suchlike, but mostly because that's the way I like it. To me, doing it all the old-fashioned, traditional way with nothing getting in the way between me and what I produce is part of the fun, and even if the result may look a bit less polished, streamlined, whatever than it theoretically could, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm also a member of a rather special band called Gummi Arabikum. This is its official channel on YouTube:…

* Please note that a number of artists/authors have published print comics in Platt, all of which I can warmly recommend, however I haven't seen any of them online.

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Vielen Dank für das Fave! :hug:
Walking with my lantern by Mutabi
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Thank you for everything!

Woahhh...still so impressive..i can look at your gallery all the time!

Would you do something for me?
I know we have not talked before but u r maybe someone who could help me.
A few days ago my best friend created secretly an instagram account for me. She gave it to me as a gift (a really nice supprise) to upload my Art and photos which likes (it makes me very happy) . Her intetion was that ill get many followers....but it only sounds easy cause reality is different...i knew at the beginning it would be a taff task.
But well here is the point my friend is a very Kind, friendly, HUMBLE and even optimistic and outgoing person who loves attetion...i really would like to be like her...she is my other half which fits with me well!
However i am not able to see her for over a month and i would like to suprise her with collecting these followers. 
So if you have instagram it would be awesome if u could follow me...ii would follow you back of course!
ThanKs for everythig...c u
Ull find the link on my page under my ID
PaulEberhardt Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Schönen Dank auch! Freut mich sehr, dass dir mein Sammelsurium gefällt. :bow:

Leider habe ich mit Instagram und so einem Zeug absolut nichts am Hut, und ehrlich gesagt würde ich mir an deiner Stelle nochmal gründlich überlegen, ob das wirklich so die beste Art ist, um mehr Klicks zu kriegen. Ist nur so'n Tip, nicht böse gemeint.
ViviCastle Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2015
Kein Problem deine Galerie ist wirklich klasse!
glougee Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks again Paul! Good to see you round the page again!
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Thanks Paul :)
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Thank you so much for fav my work "Chillout in the sunshine"! :)
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